Saturday, January 28, 2012

CTS Accuracy Update

The big slow clock of accuracy at 100K+ level took a tiny step forward to 80.6% total accuracy, so it's time to calculate the session average since the last update. The numbers are now: 116949 problems, at a 1613 rating. Which gives a session average of 89.6% over the last 2543 problems. Still no 90%, but getting there... Also had a 100% accuracy session with 108 problems correct in a row today, which I believe is my record.

CTS: 1613, 116949 problems, 80.6%.


Temposchlucker said...

Impressive figures. I won't catch up.

Wahrheit said...

The first installment of the best of chess blogging Carnival is up! The Best Of! Chess Blogging, Part I: Openings

If you have some best posts that you would like to include in future parts please leave a comment.