Thursday, June 23, 2011

ICC 5-minute 1705

Another year, another hundred points. As usual, I haven't been training much if at all. Just playing blitz, nothing else. And also as usual, I've had some lengthy periods of inactivity during the year. Doesn't seem to matter much though, it all comes back in just a few days after a break.

I feel I've developed into a slightly more solid player. Well, 'solid' is probably misleading, I still throw stuff at my opponents as reckless as ever. But maybe a slight change there. Also my endgames seem to have become more solid. I defend lost positions better, especially in a time scramble. Which I guess is the essence of blitz in a way, making 'winning the won game' as hard as possible for the other guy. And on the flipside simplifying my own won games as quickly as possible.

That's about it really. See you next year at 1800.

ICC 5-minute: 1705, 2414 games, +1183, -1185, =46.


transformation said...

Most impressive. I noticed that, this morning. Not being a regular blog visitor any more, of any kind on any note, I said to myself:

"This is most likely at his blog" and so it is, and most appropriately.

You have every right to be most proud. I know that 5 0 is a ripping brutal game. You have to not only manage chess, but stress, that is to say, your own physiology.

I cannot play 5 0 as you do here, all the time. I do it several times per year, and getting ready for my own push to 1600 and past it.

I don't run around ICC hoping to catch a good run, but play quite a bit at another site, to see when I am in form, THEN come here once that happens. I still train a lot, but cannot compete daily, my nerves aren't happy with that, I have learned. So I have to manage when and how peak form occurs.

I cannot doubt you don't do similarly, then leave your best rating for the paint.

3 0 is indeed your next step. I was terrified of it for 7, maybe 8 years, and now handle it well.

It is best for loading in a lot of games, to your brain, to test a repertoire.

0 4 is very good, too, about 3:02 for 43 moves (allows real endgames, not bad | starts with ten seconds, maybe twelve at FICS). To prompt 0 4 here is not my goal in this note, but to note in comparison, why 3 0 is even better at ICC. The pool. No one can no play you, and the volume and thus extreme competitive nature is very deep.

All known as well or better by you, than me.

I had to leave Seattle, to go live with my very aged mother, 35% help her, 65% survive. The job market was crushing there. 670 applicants for one job at Boeing, all objectively well known. 250 applicants for a 'no-nothing admin' for an advertisement put out on a Friday night, to an email in box Monday morning, 1200 applicants for ONE municipal meter reading job.

I have been leading a Technology start up, ostensibly the Executive Vice President of a Cloud Computing start up, but the CEO in due time went from WANTING me to run it, to being duly threatened. Too good to be true. So now I am back to being an internal consultant, to him, in strategy, structure, and investment banking, as he runs it, but a very erratic fellow. Himmm? Oh well.

I am now USCF rated, in OBP, but slow chess was a HUGE adjustment for me. I for example, have refused four or five draws, thinking I was winning, and dropped three. Just single move blunders in very gg's. After 24 games, I am now able to manage the clock. For me, this is not time trouble, but avoiding the equivalent of premature ejaculation :-). If only at age 53 I had that problem.

Had to learn to go slow, and use my minutes, now drawing 1900, almost beating 1700/1800's. Soon.

Lastly, I did buy Cbase11, my god, so unstable and buggy from the CB9, which I am expert. Its like Windows 7, compared to Windows XP. How hard can you try to take a stable, near perfect product, and ruin it??

Love to you fine young man, dk

HeinzK said...

Good going, I told you it wouldn't be as hard as imagined :) 1800 by January 2012?

wormwood said...

thanks dudes. I took the plunge into 3-minute pool recently, and boy is it rough seas over there! did absolutely horribly at first, collapsing miserably under pressure over and over again. it was much harder than I thought, the players were so incredibly aggressive and reckless. so I had to solidify my base game further just to survive the clock, but after some time I managed to break the magical 1500 there as well.

yeah I tend to focus on one single pool at a time, and when I reach an even hundred I take a break. then move to some other pool that's been dragging behind and play that exclusively next. so all the 'current ratings' tend to be peak results like the 5-minute 1705, left behind right after breaking my previous record.

I don't really mind if I drop down from the peak results, it's just that doing it like this pleases my ocd tendencies. one pool exclusively at a time, in nice 100 point blocks.

nice to hear from you dk, I had noticed that you went a bit off the grid there for a while.

heinz, I'm not making any bets but we'll see about that 1800. :)